Going Green

Golden Retrievers

I believe in managing my photography business and my household to tread very lightly on our environment. I was raised in a household that composted and grew vegetables and we were always helping an uncle on his ranch where he grew beautiful flowers.  This base respect for nature is now evident in so many of our daily routines!

My family is committed to conserving, re-using and recycling.

  • We recycle EVERYTHING we possibly can – paper, plastic containers, and cardboard, and we compost our food waste.
  • Electronic waste, unused medications, paints, chemicals and fluorescent bulbs are taken to specialized collections facilities.
  • We power our home energy efficient appliances, water heater and room heater/air conditioner with solar power.
  • The 10 kilowatt solar system on our roof also generates enough excess electricity to power our all electric car.  Our other car is a hybrid.
  • We shop with re-usable bags and refuse plastic bags constantly.
  • We have eliminated 95% of our junk mail and catalogs through great services like Catalog Choice.
  • I work from home too – this way I can save on transportation, take advantage of our solar energy, and not use any additional retail space.  My high ceiling living room converts to a perfect studio in a snap!

It is surprising how many things can be done to help make photography ‘greener’ too!

  • In addition to the simple things like using rechargeable batteries, rarely printing at home, and delivering digital files electronically rather than on CD, I carefully choose my professional vendors based on their commitment to the environment.
  • My vendors exceed environmental regulatory requirements, preventing pollution and conserving natural resources.  I can present many paper options for printing that are natural fiber papers, not plastic.
  • I offer frames that are made of reclaimed wood or other recycled materials and finished with water based paints or zero-VOC paint.
  • I opt for domestically sourced and produced products to reduce the environmental cost of shipping.
  • My newest line of print mounting options is sustainably harvested bamboo and maple.
  • My photo jewelry line prints only with paper stock that is chlorine free, recycles silver whenever possible, and does not solder its products (which releases toxins into the air).

I am proud to be a Premier Member of Greener Photography, a member-supported organization that:

  • certifies professional photographers
  • educates the photographic industry and consumers
  • collaborates with manufacturers on greening their services and products

Watch my blog for simple ways you can make your life greener and thanks for supporting a green business!