In Category: Shadows

Welcome to our weekly blog circle of pet photographers tackling a new challenge.  I have dedicated my weekly project to my pups Jack and Julie (and this week their little buddy Piper).  Our topic this week is shadows.  I don't like shadows.  I avoid shadows. I try to eliminate shadows in post processing. My point?  This was hard for me; but as is the case with most photography challenges, it opened my eyes up to some new approaches I can take! First up are the three amigos in a contrasty, shadowy (boring) image.  I placed the pups in a location relatively free of that dreaded dappled light and embraced some moderate shadows. I  was not too inspired by this though, so I decided to really go for it and see just how much of a shadow I could get!  I ran out of space! Hmmmm... this was starting to get fun!  So can