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As many of you know, I own two goofball, beautiful Golden Retrievers.  They come from a line of very responsibly bred Goldens - Osprey Goldens.  These  dogs have exceptional temperaments, health and an added plus - looks!  I intended to raise my two puppies to be therapy dogs, so excellent temperament was crucial to me.   And they have proven to be loving therapy dogs with Julie qualifying when she as only one and Jack when he was three.  Today I can introduce you to a littler from the next generation - these are Jack and Julie's niece and nephews.  Wonderfully socialized and beautiful fatty mcfatties who were very tolerant of the sights and smells in my studio!  I am in love!  

There is not much I like more that a furry little golden puppy!  Well in this case, I got to watch and photograph little Ripley growing up into BIG Ripley!  I love every 'watch them grow' series and I hope you do too!

This week's fun Project 52 topic is Action!  Little 4 month old Ripley came over this week for the second in his Puppy Series Studio Sessions.  I usually wear out puppies with Jack and Julie before each session in the back yard but it was too wet for that (YAY - rain in California!).  So after our session, Ripley let 'er rip with my pups.  While Jack and Julie are siblings, their personalities are quite different.  Dogs know not to mess with Julie - she throws off this 'that's enough you knucklehead' vibe.  Jack on the other hand, seems to always be wearing a 'beat me up, I love it' sign!  So beat up Jack he did, under Julie's supervision of course! You might be wondering if we had any 'action' in the studio with little Ripley!  Well, yes we did, especially when he discovered mom's cool

This week's project 52 challenge is to incorporate unique, fun and different collars into our images.  My week started off pretty easy as 9 week old Duke came over sporting the cutest collar! So the real challenge was getting something new on Jack and Julie!  No new, cute collars were hanging around the house, so I went digging!  Julie looks totally thrilled to be wearing one her people cousin's pink tutus! Jack, being the occasional 'woe is me' subject of photographs,  is sporting his Dad's UC Berkeley tie!  Unfortunately,  Cal football success this year mirrors the expression on Jack's face. Let's see  how other pet photographers around the world interpreted this fun theme starting with Boston dog photographer, Blue Amrich.  Click on the links at the bottom of each post until you end up back here!

"I Can't Sleep" won Best in Show in Northern California Professional Photographers Association October Print Competition!  As the puppies finally fell asleep, one stayed awake and we plopped him on top of his siblings.   Taken on brown seamless with a main light to left with 3x4 softbox and umbrella and reflector on right for fill.  Texture applied for added depth.   Such beautiful puppies!

Chulo is now 7 months old.  He is almost 80 pounds and may have 40 more pounds to go!  Mom has been carefully saving these shoes so we can recreate this pose at about every 20 pounds.  True to his Burnese Mountain Dog breed, Chulo is  all fun loving goodness!

At four months and almost 50 pounds, Chulo is growing into a most handsome dog!  He only has eyes for mom (or her treat bag!).  I am documenting his growth and will be repeating the shot next to mom's leg over the next year.  You can see how much taller he is and how much longer his cute snout is from 5 weeks ago.    He was a real trooper in the studio.  Not bothered a bit by the paper or the lights.  And he is as soft as he looks!  Lots more to come!    

Last fall I photographed beautiful Semi in a Memories Session. He lost his battle with cancer in January after living a very long and happy life. Understandably, the family was heartbroken. Their plan was to wait until this fall to start  looking for another Burnese Mountain Dog puppy. Well sometimes waiting is just not meant to be. I met 11 week old Chulo last week. I think Semi is watching over this little guy and helping him to grow into another wonderful dog. He is all fluff and happiness and sharp teeth!

He is the  cutest, smartest, happiest land shark -- I mean Beauceron Puppy you have ever met!  He already adores his owner mom, Bonnie of Dog Dynamics.  And I adore him! Looking forward to capturing lots of pictures of him growing up.