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I met Charlie just one week after he lost a rear leg to cancer.  True to the nature of his wonderful breed, he came to my studio all smiles and wiggles.  Because we was still not used to his new three legged status, I made sure he had non-slip surfaces under him the whole time and concentrated on head and upper body imagery.   We all send our best wishes to Charlie for a speedy recovery and nice long life!  Isn't Charlie handsome? While dealing with the thought of amputation for a dog is a very difficult thing for owners to consider, studies have shown that pets can thrive. Here is an excellent article from Dr. Ann Honenhaus -  "The Truth About Tri-Paws: Studies Find That Many Pets Can Thrive Without a Limb."    We all send our best wishes to Charlie for a speedy recovery and nice long life! Charlie was chosen

What a sweetie pie! Riley is just approaching his 4 month birthday and I had the totally fun afternoon photographing him! What a ham and so sweet. Can't wait to watch him grow up!

This handsome hunk of labrador retriever came for his special photo shoot and was quite the charmer!  He was so well behaved under the amazing tutelage of his dog trainer extraordinaire owner Amanda.   And to my surprise and delight - he kept curling his tongue into the perfect taco shape!  So much fun!

Meet Mila and Maisie - the sweetest lab and beagle you could meet!  Both loved posing for pictures and Mom looks fantastic!  Don't you agree??

Meet cousins Quill and Jet!  These two beautiful labrador retrievers are cousins and about 4 years apart.  Being owned by a wonderful dog trainer - Bonnie of Dog Dynamics and her daughter Morgan, meant that the dogs held any position for as long as needed!  Sure made my job easy!  Aren't they beautiful?  Ok, the goofy one with Jet's tongue out might not be beautiful, but it sure is cute!