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When Tanner's mom mentioned the various things she would like to have captured of her sweet dog, the first thing she said was "his helicopter ears!"  I tried to imagine what she meant, but it was not until I saw his handsome face that I got it!  What wonderful ears!  Tanner was wonderful inside and out.  Mom warned me that he LOVES his tennis ball..well he must loved me too because he kept bringing it back to me to toss!    I know he slept well after his photo shoot because we wore him out!  

Slowly recovering from a nasty spider bite, but feeling much better,  my Julie worked it even wearing the cone. Her brother Jack was not too happy posing with her though. He had to avert his eyes!        

This handsome hunk of labrador retriever came for his special photo shoot and was quite the charmer!  He was so well behaved under the amazing tutelage of his dog trainer extraordinaire owner Amanda.   And to my surprise and delight - he kept curling his tongue into the perfect taco shape!  So much fun!