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As many of you know, I own two goofball, beautiful Golden Retrievers.  They come from a line of very responsibly bred Goldens - Osprey Goldens.  These  dogs have exceptional temperaments, health and an added plus - looks!  I intended to raise my two puppies to be therapy dogs, so excellent temperament was crucial to me.   And they have proven to be loving therapy dogs with Julie qualifying when she as only one and Jack when he was three.  Today I can introduce you to a littler from the next generation - these are Jack and Julie's niece and nephews.  Wonderfully socialized and beautiful fatty mcfatties who were very tolerant of the sights and smells in my studio!  I am in love!  

There is not much I like more that a furry little golden puppy!  Well in this case, I got to watch and photograph little Ripley growing up into BIG Ripley!  I love every 'watch them grow' series and I hope you do too!

I'm back with my Project 52; this time with the subject of water!  Water to me immediately brings to mind our favorite dog park - Pt. Isabel Regional Shoreline.  There are beautiful views from this landscaped 23-acre park in Richmond, CA. This is one of the largest public off-leash dog parks in the nation with over 500,000 dog visits per year!  So off we went!  First we pooped the dogs out on a long walk and posed them on a picnic table (can't think of a better use for a picnic table!)  so you could get a feel for this scope of this great place!  Those are more doggie people behind Jack and Julie.  There are spots for pups to swim (we try to avoid them, but Jack and Julie had other ideas!), a cafe and a dog wash shop!  But the best thing to me is the view at sunset

For this week's Project 52 Challenge, I had to give Jack and Julie some work to do.  I needed them to take some selfies!  Julie was all over this fun job, but Jack was having none of it.  Julie decided to use some vintage hats I had found for her self portraits! Julie then talked Mr. Grumpypants into a selfie of the two of them.  I could hear her say "One, Two, Three - LOOK MISERABLE!!" Now let's check out the selfies from  Spotty Nose Pet Photography in Los Angeles, California.  This is a blog circle, so click on the links at the bottom of each page until you end up back here! Have fun!

This week's Project 52 fun weekly topic is 'comics.'  We had a lot of flexibility here to either depict a comic strip character or process our image to look like it belonged in a comic.  I choose to process this image of Jack and Julie as though it was in a comic strip.  I was inspired to look by the work of Roy Lichtenstein, painter and illustrator, who favored comic strips as his main inspiration. And after many minutes (many, many minutes) manipulating this image in Photoshop, I ended up with this!  Julie was recovering from a nasty spider bite and Jack just could not look at her anymore. That image of Jack and Julie took a little time to do (like forever), so after all that experimenting, I tried another image of sweet Santa's Little Helper looking at her owner (replaced by a red balloon!). This one went much faster!   Here

ROAD TRIP!  This week's project 52 topic is Summertime and to me that means Road trip!  We headed out to Rodeo Beach north of San Francisco for our trip.  Weather was not too cooperative, but any rain we get in dry California is always welcome! Trip began with the pups safely tethered in the car.  Please note the shape of the 'chew proof' beds!  :) We knew we were in for a treat as we saw the Golden Gate Bridge when we exited a tunnel! When we reached the beach the pups got busy!  Julie ran between the beautiful rock formations. Jack discovered the most wonderful little creatures.  There  were 1000's of them on the beach.  I had never seen one before but with a little research discovered that they are Velella velella and have washed ashore from Oregon to California for the first time in years.  You can read more about the little guys

This week's Project 52 topic really got me thinking.  'Through Their Eyes' can mean so many things!  I decided to show the lovely view we get when walking Jack and Julie at the local park just three blocks from my home.  It is full of oak trees and colorful grasses and has a gorgeous view.  I have photographed clients on this bench many times, but this is the first time I just had my hubby and the two pups sit there in silence and just look around.  I can imagine that Jack and Julie were hoping to spot a deer, a jogger or another pup.   It is now time to see how other pet photographers interpreted this fun theme.  Next up is Cynthia Wood of Georgian Bay Studios in Toronto, Ontario.  Click on the links at the bottom of each post and follow the blog circle around the world until you end up back

If you give it some thought,  I am sure every one of you can name a favorite feature of your pet; a look, an eye, or sweet little toes.  One of the things I appreciate so much about this weekly Project 52, is that it almost forces me to think about and photograph things I should be photographing anyway!  So this week's topic - details, was an absolute joy to photograph and now I can share with you some of my favorite features of Jack and Julie!  These were all photographed with my Micro 105 so I could get in nice and close! First up is Julie's profile - I think this captures her intelligence, kindness and keen awareness. She never misses a thing and almost exudes caring. I think this is one of the reasons she is such a wonderful therapy dog! This is Jack's mug, covered with little spit bubbles

This week's Project 52 topic was perfect timing for me.  I too often grab my off camera flash instead of using a reflector.  I fear the reflector will get blown over or will scare the dogs or....some other excuse.  In reality, a reflector can be incredibly easy to work with, especially if you can attach it to a light stand.  I use a California Sunbounce reflector - white on one side and silver on the other.  With a special attachment I can mount it on a stand and not worry about it (unless it is windy!). This is Julie and Jack properly exposed with the help of this reflector's silver side: Here is the exact same exposure without the reflector and a pull back of my reflector location: That worked really well!  I need to remind myself to grab the Sunbounce as  I head out the door.   Now let's reflect on how other

Every week a group of wonderful pet photographers are challenged with a new topic.  This week's challenge was dramatic lighting.  My studio lends itself to this type of lighting and I had a lot of fun trying out some different lighting set-ups. The first main light modifier I tried was a snoot.  A snoot physically narrows light into a small spot beam.  Doesn't that sound dramatic?  This is a photo of a snoot (photo credit Paul C. Buff Inc.). First up was princess Julie.  I lit her with a strip grid from behind and a snoot as a main light in the front (each at 45 degrees from her).  1/200 - f8 - ISO 200.  Dramatic?  Yes.  Do I like it?  No.  I don't like the harsh shadow it throws to the side of her muzzle.  So I knew I needed to try something that would still be dramatic, but provide a