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Chulo is now 7 months old.  He is almost 80 pounds and may have 40 more pounds to go!  Mom has been carefully saving these shoes so we can recreate this pose at about every 20 pounds.  True to his Burnese Mountain Dog breed, Chulo is  all fun loving goodness!

This week's Project 52 challenge is 'negative space," or the space around a subject.  I love to use negative space with a black background so you can imagine what the pup is looking at or thinking about.  I had a beautiful 7 month old in  this week who demonstrated this concept.  I think Chulo was thinking about all the trouble he could get into! There are lots of ways to interpret this theme, and I think Julie would agree that the space in this cone is a most negative space!  (Don't worry - she is fine;  just kept licking a spot on her leg until it got all yucked up).   This is a blog circle, so to see how other pet photographers interpreted this theme, please follow the blog circle around the world, starting with Pet Photography in Clearwater, FL - Emma Grace Photography and follow the links at the bottom of each post

At four months and almost 50 pounds, Chulo is growing into a most handsome dog!  He only has eyes for mom (or her treat bag!).  I am documenting his growth and will be repeating the shot next to mom's leg over the next year.  You can see how much taller he is and how much longer his cute snout is from 5 weeks ago.    He was a real trooper in the studio.  Not bothered a bit by the paper or the lights.  And he is as soft as he looks!  Lots more to come!