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My heart skips a beat when I hear another photographer anxiously asking for assistance after a hard drive failure and their images were not fully backed up.  I feel that professional photographers have a serious responsibility to make sure client images are available for the amount of time they commit.  Some photographers keep files only until purchases are complete and then their files are purged.  I keep my client files indefinitely.  This is quite a challenge to my peace of mind and has resulted in a fairly extensive (not to mention expensive!) process!  But when I received another one of  'those' call in December from a client from 3 years ago who had just lost their beloved dog and I could quickly access more images for them to cherish forever, my goal was again validated! So for those interested, this is how I sleep well at night knowing my client and personal images

When I received a call from Sadie about taking photos of her mom's most loved two dogs as a surprise birthday gift from her family, Sadie was full of questions and concerns.  The dogs are a handful.  They don't like other people or dogs.  They won't like you using any extra lighting.  They don't like men (uhoh- my husband Scott assists me with outdoor sessions). No one had been able to nice pictures of the dogs....and more!  While I can certainly not guarantee anything, I could provide enough reassurance that I can handle dogs like Koda and Greta (go slow and have fun!),  that I would be able to put Mom at ease (laugh a lot), that even the most jumpy dogs do surprisingly well with my lighting, and that I would  do my homework and scout the location ahead of time so that we could go as efficiently as

I scout all non-home locations before sessions.  This allows me to know what the sun is doing when, what kind of lighting I need and then plan the timing of the session to be most productive.  No one wants to sit around while the photographer is trying to figure out where to go next!  And the session I had planned that would be at this location included two dogs that would need to be photographed as efficiently as possible so that they would not get over excited. So I snagged my A-number one model and cutie-potootie Piper and her mom and headed up to the Benicia Waterfront.  We found the perfect locations for action shots, the coolest old building which would do perfectly for posed images of the dogs and their family and the best spots for the most lovely bay views.   Here are a few images from the scouting

As a surprise for her Mom, Cassandra set up a session for Pinky - her Mom's beautiful Puppy.  Pinky was perfect - she posed, she ran, she chased balls and best of all; her portraits made her Mom very happy!  I am often asked how I get action photos of pups. One very effective way is to have the owner throw a ball right at me!  As you can see, this was a little close for comfort but take a look at the great action shots we captured!   These images were captured on a 70-200 Nikon lens at 2.8 aperture, 1/1600 shutter speed and ISO 200 on a Nikon D3s.  I use continuous auto focus with single point focusing.  I also use back button focusing to separate the activities of depressing the shutter from the action of focusing.  My thumb manages focus and my index finger manages capture. I

There is not much I like more that a furry little golden puppy!  Well in this case, I got to watch and photograph little Ripley growing up into BIG Ripley!  I love every 'watch them grow' series and I hope you do too!

Jess and Jetson are two beautiful greyhounds, both rescued from the racing world and now living the life! Sighthounds can be quite a challenge to photograph as owners usually prefer their ears up, but normal things like noises don't do much for getting their attention. But movement does! Just have your trusty assistant jump up and down or jog by and up go the ears! Such gorgeous boys! We started in the studio and then headed off to capture the beautiful outdoors!

Buoy and Zoey are two happy and sweet Portuguese Water Dogs.   I photographed them both in my studio and at the owner's beautiful home.  Many dog's are most comfortable being photographed at home.  Little did I expect such a gorgeous yard to use as a backdrop to these wonderful dogs.  Just magical!

Sarge and Drake are two rescued German Shepherds and best of buddies!  Their proud  mom won a session I donated to Golden State German Shepherd Rescue's annual gala and auction.  Mom knew just the images she wanted and the boys were so cooperative!  What neither of us expected though, was that they would do this! And here are the boys striking these poses so perfectly!   What fun and such a joy to know that these abandoned dogs found such a perfect home!

I met Charlie just one week after he lost a rear leg to cancer.  True to the nature of his wonderful breed, he came to my studio all smiles and wiggles.  Because we was still not used to his new three legged status, I made sure he had non-slip surfaces under him the whole time and concentrated on head and upper body imagery.   We all send our best wishes to Charlie for a speedy recovery and nice long life!  Isn't Charlie handsome? While dealing with the thought of amputation for a dog is a very difficult thing for owners to consider, studies have shown that pets can thrive. Here is an excellent article from Dr. Ann Honenhaus -  "The Truth About Tri-Paws: Studies Find That Many Pets Can Thrive Without a Limb."    We all send our best wishes to Charlie for a speedy recovery and nice long life! Charlie was chosen