In Category: Award Winner – Best Pet Photographer

As many of you know, I own two goofball, beautiful Golden Retrievers.  They come from a line of very responsibly bred Goldens - Osprey Goldens.  These  dogs have exceptional temperaments, health and an added plus - looks!  I intended to raise my two puppies to be therapy dogs, so excellent temperament was crucial to me.   And they have proven to be loving therapy dogs with Julie qualifying when she as only one and Jack when he was three.  Today I can introduce you to a littler from the next generation - these are Jack and Julie's niece and nephews.  Wonderfully socialized and beautiful fatty mcfatties who were very tolerant of the sights and smells in my studio!  I am in love!  

How fun to have a session with a little pup named Joy!  Joy is a tiny thing with a giant, fun loving personality and an owner who is beautiful inside and out!  We started in the studio and then headed out to the Lafayette Community Park for outdoor portraits.   A joyful day indeed!

"I Can't Sleep" won Best in Show in Northern California Professional Photographers Association October Print Competition!  As the puppies finally fell asleep, one stayed awake and we plopped him on top of his siblings.   Taken on brown seamless with a main light to left with 3x4 softbox and umbrella and reflector on right for fill.  Texture applied for added depth.   Such beautiful puppies!

Once each year the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) holds an International Print Competition (IPC). They judge images on a set of twelve elements to determine if the image is deserving of a Merit and being included in their General Collection. For all images receiving a Merit there is a second judging to determine if the image should be included in the prestigious PPA Loan Collection. The PPA considers the Loan Collection “the best of the best,” and publishes these images in their annual Loan Collection Book. I entered the maximum allowed four images in the IPC for the first time this year. All four entries Merited and one was accepted into the Loan Collection, earning me a Silver Medal for the competition. These images showcase the wide variety of images I love to capture.  From classic studio portraits (Curiosity and He's All Ears), to outdoor portraits utilizing off camera lighting to

A huge thank you to all my clients and fans who voted for me a runner up in the Best Pet Photographer category in the Bay Woof's Annual Beast of the Bay Awards.  The Bay Area has many talented pet photographers so I am truly honored to be recognized in this way!    My journey to here  after launching in September of 2011 has been a whirlwind of learning, experimenting and loving.  I am so thankful!   Be sure to check out and support all the other winners here!  You will find favorite locations, services, dog walkers and more!