A huge thank you to all my clients and fans who voted for me a runner up in the Best Pet Photographer category in the Bay Woof’s Annual Beast of the Bay Awards.  The Bay Area has many talented pet photographers so I am truly honored to be recognized in this way!    My journey to here  after launching in September of 2011 has been a whirlwind of learning, experimenting and loving.  I am so thankful!   Be sure to check out and support all the other winners here!  You will find favorite locations, services, dog walkers and more!

 Best Pet Photographer in San Francisco 2013   Share the Joy Photography

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At four months and almost 50 pounds, Chulo is growing into a most handsome dog!  He only has eyes for mom (or her treat bag!).  I am documenting his growth and will be repeating the shot next to mom’s leg over the next year.  You can see how much taller he is and how much longer his cute snout is from 5 weeks ago.    He was a real trooper in the studio.  Not bothered a bit by the paper or the lights.  And he is as soft as he looks!  Lots more to come!



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I am back with this week’s blog  post where I have again joined up with other pet photographers from the Beautiful Beasties Network  to collectively challenge ourselves with a weekly assignment.   This week’s assignment was Man’s Best Friend inspired by the story of John and Shoep.  I knew this assignment would be a challenge.  My husband loves our dogs, but getting him in front of a camera is tough.  So I started with “Honey, I need you for a few minutes to test my lighting.”   Success.  “Do you mind wearing this?  The dark color is better.”  Success. “I’m just going to pop the dogs up with you ok?”  Then he figured out what I was up to and smiled!   Here are my three loves!

Mans Best Friend1 Project 52   Mans Best Friend(s)Now it is time to head around the world and see how other pet photographers have interpreted this theme,  starting with Central coast Pet Photographer, Sharon Stokes.  Click on the link  at the bottom of each blog post until you end up back here.


I’m back with my weekly blog post,  joining with a group of colleagues from the Beautiful Beasties Network (an international group of professional pet photographers) for Project 52.   Each week we challenge ourselves with a fun assigned theme which we each interpret in their own way.  This week the theme was ‘shoes,’  which just about every pet owner can smile about!  I’m sure we all have stories about  missing or lovingly chewed shoes.  We have a thief in our house and it is Jack.  Any missing shoes can usually be found in the toasty bed in front of the fire.  Julie does not much care for shoes, but she loves the bed, so she lies down among them.

Shoes1 Project 52   Shoes

Avoiding all eye contact,  is the guilty shoe thief, Jack.

Shoes 2 Project 52   Shoes

And now it is time for your fun trip around the world, checking out the blog posts of other pet photographer interpreting this fun theme.  Follow the links at the bottom of each post until you end up back here.  Start with Boston Dog Photographer, Blue Amrich.  Enjoy!


I am often asked, “how do you ever get dogs to pose for pictures?”  This picture prompted a lot of those questions!  The posing was just what we imagined – three different levels to their eyes and triangle shape to the final look.    But all is not as it seems!   These are great dogs with good obedience training, but once in a room with each other and strange lights, well……they did not have a lot of interest in staying where we wanted!

threesome 1 3 Making the Shot   Posing three dogs

So I thought I would share the before and after.  As you can see below, all three dogs wore small show leads.  Because they were moving all over the place,  the leads got quite tangled in their coats.  It took a while for us to figure out that the little female labradoodle needed to be right by the tall male Golden, otherwise she would roll on her back in submissive gestures to his sister, the other golden on the left.  Once we had them positioned right, we just decided to fix the leashes in post processing.  You will notice below that the dogs are also placed too far to the left – another problem that needed to be fixed in post processing. Sometimes it is just not worth it to move the dogs and risk never getting the posing right again. So the work in photoshop included use of the content aware patch tool to eliminate the leashes and hand.  Then the backdrop and baseboard were extended about a foot  using a combination of tools including duplicating/moving other sections of the baseboard and backdrop and the patch tool.  Then after some finesse work with Color Efex Pro filters to highlight the dogs, the image was finished.

Trio1 Making the Shot   Posing three dogs


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February is all about Valentines Day and love, so this week’s Project 52 with other pet photographers from all over the world, was to photograph our pets in a Valentine’s Day setting or sharing the love.  Well how fun is that?  And what a wonderful excuse to pull out a beautiful pink background and fluffy white rug.  I started with a cute Golden Retriever stuffed animal as a prop, but that didn’t work too well because Julie just insisted on sniffing it (why there?) and Jack just stared at it like it was his next meal.

Jack and Julie toy Project 52   Love

So I took some shots of them by themselves- what cuties!

Jack and Julie portraits Project 52   Love

But we still needed a little ‘something’ extra, so we invited best buddy Piper, all 14 pounds of miniature labradoodle, over to play.

Piper Project 52   Love

And then we got them all together.  Special thanks to Piper’s mom for helping with the wrangling!

threesome 1 3 Project 52   Love

Follow the  ‘love’  blog posts all around the world and see some wonderful work by other pet photographers.  Start with Kathryn Schauer Photography, in Guilford CT  and click on the links at the end of each blog post until you end up back here!    Have fun!

Last fall I photographed beautiful Semi in a Memories Session. He lost his battle with cancer in January after living a very long and happy life. Understandably, the family was heartbroken. Their plan was to wait until this fall to start  looking for another Burnese Mountain Dog puppy. Well sometimes waiting is just not meant to be. I met 11 week old Chulo last week. I think Semi is watching over this little guy and helping him to grow into another wonderful dog. He is all fluff and happiness and sharp teeth!
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I am participating in weekly pet photography project with other photographers from all over the world.  This week’s subject is “Happy Face” or what do we see from our furry friends when we get home.  I have two very mellow dogs – two year old siblings Jack and Julie. Their access to me when I get home is always blocked by a gate.  Inside it is a gate my cat could  push over, but the pups  never do.  They wait patiently for their hello.  Outside,  their access to the main gate is blocked by another smaller gate.  Again, they patiently wait.  You must be thinking  - “Is that it?  Don’t they get excited by anything?”  Well my UPS guy is on vacation this week otherwise I would show you my dogs dancing on the outside gate!  He brings them treats every day!   Maybe I should start doing that??   Love my furballs!  (I got to experiment with my new Westcott Ice Light on the top photos – I think I am going to love that thing!)

Hello from Jack and Julie1 Project 52   Happy Face

Check out the how Ragamuffin, a professional pet photographer in Melbourne Australia interpreted this fun topic and take a wonderful trip around the world by following the whole blog circle until you end up back here!



As I photographed beautiful 12 year old Clyde today, I observed a most special relationship between Clyde and his loving owners.  They are a young couple facing a future without their beloved dog who is battling cancer.  In some ways I felt like an interloper, observing an intimate love that an outsider shouldn’t be able to see.   During the session I felt such a range of emotions; I would well up with tears as I observed something touching, or I would bust out laughing at Clyde’s wonderful ability to tune out any funny sound I made to get his attention, but how he never lost sight of the person with the treat bag. It doesn’t happen very often, but I cried as I picked out these few images to share.  It was an absolute honor to be entrusted with the responsibility to capture these memories of Clyde.  Thank you Alex and Andrew.



I have  joined a monthly Lensbaby challenge with some very talented women!  My personal objective to get out and use these lenses more, but with our pets.  A Lensbaby is a simple lens with a ball and socket mechanism for use in special-effects photography and can give effects normally associated with view cameras. The creative possibilities for tilt and shift focus are endless!   This month’s theme is ‘fresh,” so I bring you “Fresh Smell” with Jack and Julie.

Fresh Smells January Lensbaby Challenge   FRESH

You can see some other beautiful Lensbaby work by following the links in our blog circle.  First up is Jen Dunham- click here!