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Buoy and Zoey are two happy and sweet Portuguese Water Dogs.   I photographed them both in my studio and at the owner's beautiful home.  Many dog's are most comfortable being photographed at home.  Little did I expect such a gorgeous yard to use as a backdrop to these wonderful dogs.  Just magical!

Sarge and Drake are two rescued German Shepherds and best of buddies!  Their proud  mom won a session I donated to Golden State German Shepherd Rescue's annual gala and auction.  Mom knew just the images she wanted and the boys were so cooperative!  What neither of us expected though, was that they would do this! And here are the boys striking these poses so perfectly!   What fun and such a joy to know that these abandoned dogs found such a perfect home!

I met Charlie just one week after he lost a rear leg to cancer.  True to the nature of his wonderful breed, he came to my studio all smiles and wiggles.  Because we was still not used to his new three legged status, I made sure he had non-slip surfaces under him the whole time and concentrated on head and upper body imagery.   We all send our best wishes to Charlie for a speedy recovery and nice long life!  Isn't Charlie handsome? While dealing with the thought of amputation for a dog is a very difficult thing for owners to consider, studies have shown that pets can thrive. Here is an excellent article from Dr. Ann Honenhaus -  "The Truth About Tri-Paws: Studies Find That Many Pets Can Thrive Without a Limb."    We all send our best wishes to Charlie for a speedy recovery and nice long life! Charlie was chosen

I'm back with my Project 52; this time with the subject of water!  Water to me immediately brings to mind our favorite dog park - Pt. Isabel Regional Shoreline.  There are beautiful views from this landscaped 23-acre park in Richmond, CA. This is one of the largest public off-leash dog parks in the nation with over 500,000 dog visits per year!  So off we went!  First we pooped the dogs out on a long walk and posed them on a picnic table (can't think of a better use for a picnic table!)  so you could get a feel for this scope of this great place!  Those are more doggie people behind Jack and Julie.  There are spots for pups to swim (we try to avoid them, but Jack and Julie had other ideas!), a cafe and a dog wash shop!  But the best thing to me is the view at sunset