If you give it some thought,  I am sure every one of you can name a favorite feature of your pet; a look, an eye, or sweet little toes.  One of the things I appreciate so much about this weekly Project 52, is that it almost forces me to think about and photograph things I should be photographing anyway!  So this week’s topic – details, was an absolute joy to photograph and now I can share with you some of my favorite features of Jack and Julie!  These were all photographed with my Micro 105 so I could get in nice and close!

First up is Julie’s profile – I think this captures her intelligence, kindness and keen awareness. She never misses a thing and almost exudes caring. I think this is one of the reasons she is such a wonderful therapy dog!

Details 4 Jack and Julie 52   Details

This is Jack’s mug, covered with little spit bubbles in anticipation of treats.  He is my worrier and you can almost sense his ‘wondering’ expression here.

Details Jack and Julie 52   Details

This is Julie’s eye; I love how random  eyebrows have always curled over her eyes.

Details 3 Jack and Julie 52   Details

Jack’s nose!  Did you know that Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda are identified in the wild by photos of their noses?  Well I think that Jack has a most recognizable nose too!  The freckles, this little hairs, the glistening moisture.  Can you tell I am smitten??

Details 2 Jack and Julie 52   Details

No ‘details’ portrayal of a golden retriever would be complete without a smile – and here is Julie’s!

Details 5 Jack and Julie 52   Details

I hope you have enjoyed this look into some of my favorite features of my two goldens, siblings Jack and Julie.  Now let’s see how other pet photographers around the world have captured the ‘details’ of their pets!  First up is  Barking Lab Studio, New Jersey dog photography.  Don’t forget, this is a blog circle, so click on the links at the bottom of each post to head to the next photographer until you end up back here!  Enjoy!

5 Responses to “Jack and Julie 52 – Details”

  1. What beautiful work! The lighting on the profile is just to die for. One day maybe…

  2. Jennifer says:

    lovely! check out those bubble on the tongue!

  3. Emilee says:

    I love the tongue shot, it’s perfect!

  4. Karen says:

    Loving the retriever drool. Beautiful profile shot.

  5. Pat says:

    I am definitely getting macro envy! Love the “spit” and bubbles. I got some good BC drool for a friend while emoting “throw the ball!!” at Meg’ns shoot.

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