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Each week a group of international pet photographers tackles a new topic!  This week was 'magic.'  I decided to depict an enchanted scene made possible by the 'magic' of Photoshop.  I envisioned a horrible King Crow stealing away with a golden bone. This isn't my Jack or Julie of course;  this is sweet Santa, a mini greyhound.  She was in the studio this week and I thought this image would be perfect for what I was planning.  I searched the internet and found an image of a crow and an enchanted forest (Photo Credit Crow:  Violet Klenert and Photo Credit Forest:  Tara Naomi).  Then with the use of Photoshop brushes for the bone, grass and twinkles, lots of masking, color adjustments and blending modes in Photoshop and a nice grungy texture,  this was created.  These are the source images: Once again this weekly project has encouraged me to try something new!  

If you give it some thought,  I am sure every one of you can name a favorite feature of your pet; a look, an eye, or sweet little toes.  One of the things I appreciate so much about this weekly Project 52, is that it almost forces me to think about and photograph things I should be photographing anyway!  So this week's topic - details, was an absolute joy to photograph and now I can share with you some of my favorite features of Jack and Julie!  These were all photographed with my Micro 105 so I could get in nice and close! First up is Julie's profile - I think this captures her intelligence, kindness and keen awareness. She never misses a thing and almost exudes caring. I think this is one of the reasons she is such a wonderful therapy dog! This is Jack's mug, covered with little spit bubbles