It is Jack and Julie Project 52 time!  In conjunction with other pet photographers, we take on a weekly challenge, all post our images and then link to each other in  blog circle.  I am regularly inspired by the wonderful work of my colleagues!     This week we all focused on indoor photography.  I love using light modifiers of the electronic kind – flashes and strobes, but I held back this week and went au naturel !

I can’t imagine an indoor image of Jack and Julie that did not somehow include our bed, our BIG bed, and good thing it is big because all 150 pounds of these pups somehow manage to worm their way on the bed each night.  As they are shedding machines, our bed always has a light colored sheet on top.  I figure if I can’t see the hair, it isn’t there!  And people wonder why I have gold carpet?  Ok, I digress … here are Julie and Jack on their bed, I mean our bed.

Inside bedroom 2 Jack and Julie 52   Indoors

My favorite spot to see them when I arrive home is sitting on our front window seat.  They love to watch the world go by!

Inside front Jack and Julie 52   Indoors

This last image is a perfect example of an image where I would have normally utilized off camera flash to properly expose the pups and the bright exterior. No extra light presents challenges!  Metering on the pups would have resulted in a blown out exterior scene and metering on the outside would have resulted in very dark dogs.   Instead, I took five bracketed exposures which I merged in Photoshop utilizing Pro HDR processing.  HDR (High Dynamic Range) processing allows for proper exposure of images where the range of light is too great to be captured in a single exposure – like this image of Jack and Julie! Properly exposed portions from each image are combined to end up with one well exposed photo.   Many HDR images look very contrasty and artificially bright, but they certainly do not need to be!   Here are two examples from the bracketed set. Can you see how neither of them would have worked?

brackets 2 Jack and Julie 52   Indoorsbrackets Jack and Julie 52   Indoors

Now let’s see what other pet photographers produced indoors!  Click on the link at the bottom of each post and follow the blog circle around the world until you end up back here!  First up is Blue Amrich Studio in Massachusetts.  Happy circling!

7 Responses to “Jack and Julie 52 – Indoors”

  1. Thanks for the reminder on bracketing! So useful, especially indoors.

  2. Marna says:

    Terrific image, Barbara! And thank you for the mini-tutorial. I’ll be following your steps in some test images. I love Julie and Jack!

  3. Carol Locey says:

    Love Jack and Julie! What a sweet pair.

  4. jennifer says:

    lovely, what a pair!

  5. Nicole says:

    That is an awesome shot! I love, love, love the top image!

  6. Great job Barbara! I swear those two are the best models! I kind of like the one exposed for the window with just their sillouhettes and the rim light around them…then again, it’s probably just the lazy side of me that is avoiding bracketing! :)

    • barbarabs says:

      That silhouette was almost the one I used before I thought of bracketing! You have one a lot like it this week, but you did a much better job of getting detail in the fur!

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