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It is Jack and Julie Project 52 time!  In conjunction with other pet photographers, we take on a weekly challenge, all post our images and then link to each other in  blog circle.  I am regularly inspired by the wonderful work of my colleagues!     This week we all focused on indoor photography.  I love using light modifiers of the electronic kind - flashes and strobes, but I held back this week and went au naturel ! I can't imagine an indoor image of Jack and Julie that did not somehow include our bed, our BIG bed, and good thing it is big because all 150 pounds of these pups somehow manage to worm their way on the bed each night.  As they are shedding machines, our bed always has a light colored sheet on top.  I figure if I can't see the hair, it isn't there!  And people wonder why I

I participate in a weekly photography project with many other pet photographers all over the world.  Each week we are challenged with a new topic.  The topic for this week's blog circle is 'repetition' or finding a way to use some sort of repeating element to add interest to our photos, whether it's an object, a pattern, or whatever else we can think of.  I began a very personal photography project last year that has the repeating element of a therapy vest!   I am working on a book called 'Hug Tails, Portraits of Therapy Pets.'  I am photographing these wonderful dogs and cats in my studio and 'at work.'  This week I had the pleasure of photographing Toby, Portia and Cara, all wearing that beautiful vest.  As much as the vest is a repeating element, I am striving for the images themselves be unique and reflective of the animals' hearts! This