As the year is ending, our Project 52 subject  is aptly – ‘the end.’   I had two sessions this last week that worked perfectly for this topic.

First up is ‘the end of her leg!”  Kiwi lacerated a tendon and has the cutest cast on the end of her leg.  Not slowing her down one bit!

Kiwi Project 52   The End!

And finally, I love to photograph the end of daylight, when the sun is setting and the skies are darkening.  Kody and his dad were perfect models for ‘the end of daylight.”

Kody 2 Project 52   The End!


Kody Project 52   The End!


This is a blog circle, so to see how other pet photographers interpreted this fun theme, click on the link at the bottom of each blog post until you end up here.  Start with Denver Pet Photographer, StinkDog Photos!

2 Responses to “Project 52 – The End!”

  1. Lynn Davidian says:

    One of my friends. who is also a dog lover. commented, “I love her pictures,” when I shared the picture of Jack (?) with his drool! So even though she lives in Colorado your photos bring her joy. These three pictures are so wonderful–I like the last one too, but Kody is so beautiful I want to see him in all his glory!

  2. The last photo is beautiful!

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