I’m back with the Beautiful Beasties Network Project 52 – this time focusing on photographing more than one pet!  My week started out with a rescue photography session with two of the cutest puppies.  After I was done with the individual images, I popped them together.  I love how it provides some sense of  ‘scale’ to both of them!

Abigail and Sammi 11 Project 52   More Than One

Then we headed off to the mountains!  Between my two dogs and my sister’s two dogs I figured I would have lots of opportunities to wrangle up some group images.  That proved not quite so easy!  Jack and Julie have the posing down pretty well, although they were soppy pups!  Photographing at high noon by reflective water was no fun though – needed my off camera flash to overpower those shadows.

JAck and Julie Project 52   More Than One

I found the easiest way to include Riley in the image was naturally capturing what they love to do – Julie chewing something and Riley looking for something to chase!

Riley and Julie 2 Project 52   More Than One

When people ask how I am able to successfully wrangle group shots, I assure them that I get tons of rejects too.  Thought I would include this one!

1.  Note Molly sitting atop Riley’s photo-bombing head!

2.  Jack and Julie pose oblivious to all around them.

3.  My husband picks this moment to practice balancing on a log.

Whoops Project 52   More Than One

Let’s see how other pet photographers managed this fun assignment by following the blog circle around the world and clicking on the link at the bottom of each page until you end up back here.  Let’s start with Raleigh pet photographer, InBetween the Blinks! 

6 Responses to “Project 52 – More Than One”

  1. Deanna Hurt says:

    Hysterical! Love the photos and the last one really made me giggle.

  2. barbarabs says:

    Thanks all! Link is fixed. No special lens filter. I find my 24-70 at wider focal lengths brings out the blue in the sky.

  3. Karen Ramos says:

    Your last comment/photo made me smile. Well done. And I’m jealous of your lake location. What fun for the dogs.

  4. Tara Lynn says:

    hahaha I LOVE that last photo! Did you use a special lens filter to get such a great blue sky?

  5. PS says:

    Great photos! The link to the next photographer is not working ;)

  6. Ragan says:

    Raleigh pet photographer’s link didn’t work :( (her post wasn’t there)

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