It is Project 52 time again! This week  I have again joined up with other pet photographers from the Beautiful Beasties Network  to collectively challenge ourselves with a weekly assignment.   This week’s topic is Fall!  This could be fall colors, falling, falling asleep – you name it!  Some parts of the world are certainly not experiencing fall colors so this added flexibility makes it easier on all of us.  Fall colors in Northern California can be hit or miss. Jack and I abandoned Julie and went for a walk looking for color.  He is such a good boy; if I tie him to a tree or log, he just gives up and does anything I want.  :)  Tad bit of whining to remind me he is not thrilled.  But he gets lots of treats!  With a little digital magic, green and yellow brush turns into this!

Jack Fall Colors 1 Project 52   Fall

And here is my sweet boy holding his best America’s Top Model pose:

Jack fall redo Project 52   Fall

 If you are wondering about the digital ‘magic,’ Nik’s Indian Summer filter can do this!  All images taken with off camera flash in a Doug Box diffuser.

fall before and after Project 52   Fall

This is a blog circle, so to check out how other pet photographers had fun with this assignment, click on the links at the bottom of each blog post starting  with Cahlean Klenke from About A Dog Photography in St. Cloud, Minnesota.  Keep clicking until you end up back here!

3 Responses to “Project 52 – Fall”

  1. Deanna Hurt says:

    What a sweet face! Nice pics, great color. Looks like a great place to hike.

  2. Nicole says:

    I love the digital magic!

  3. Nice work, love that first shot!

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