This week’s Project 52 challenge is ‘negative space,” or the space around a subject.  I love to use negative space with a black background so you can imagine what the pup is looking at or thinking about.  I had a beautiful 7 month old in  this week who demonstrated this concept.  I think Chulo was thinking about all the trouble he could get into!

Chulo negative space Project 52   Negative Space

There are lots of ways to interpret this theme, and I think Julie would agree that the space in this cone is a most negative space!  (Don’t worry – she is fine;  just kept licking a spot on her leg until it got all yucked up).

Julie Lighting 1 Project 52   Negative Space


This is a blog circle, so to see how other pet photographers interpreted this theme, please follow the blog circle around the world, starting with Pet Photography in Clearwater, FL – Emma Grace Photography and follow the links at the bottom of each post until you end up back here!

2 Responses to “Project 52 – Negative Space”

  1. The cone makes for a great frame! Any time one of mine has been in a cone it has ended up really grungy really quickly. She looks pretty in hers!

  2. I hope Julie feels better soon! The cone is definitely a negative space :( Though she still seems her happy self in there!

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