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I didn't name my business 'Share the Joy Photography" on a whim.  I named it that because of dogs like Radar;  just so full of life and happiness that he brings joy wherever he goes.  And wherever he goes, he goes FAST!  All 120 pounds of him! We ventured all around the beautiful Lafayette Community Park.   I think he rather enjoyed having his handsome self photographed!      

I first met Charlie when he was just a puppy.  Ever full of ENERGY, we were not quite sure he would want to sit still for his photo session.  Well, he proved us all wrong.  Could he be any more beautiful?  And we just had to add my two pups to the last photo as they have been such good friends since they first met!  

If you thought a German Shepherd doesn't have a goofy side - you are mistaken!  Strider was so much fun. And such a good sport climbing on that couch!  He is 9 years old and has quite a record of achievement. This is his official name and titles:  GCh. Rohan's Reward TC, CGC, HT, RE, CDX, CHIC.  I was honored to have the opportunity to photograph him!    

Slowly recovering from a nasty spider bite, but feeling much better,  my Julie worked it even wearing the cone. Her brother Jack was not too happy posing with her though. He had to avert his eyes!        

Why not?  Santa is all spiffed up and ready to help you create the cutest holiday cards ever!  Avoid the rush and schedule early!  I have been working on some super fun design concepts and you can see a sneak peak here!      

When I volunteered to help capture lovely images of foster dogs with the Contra Costa Humane Society, I had a feeling it would be hard to not fall in love with every dog!  Well Tillie proved just how hard this can be.  Her precious little self shyly entered my studio, but within minutes she had warmed up to me and the whole idea of being photographed (and getting lots of love and treats!).   Are you ready to give this lovely lady a forever home?  Check out all the scoop at the Contra Costa Humane Society.      

Meet Aidan, the handsomest 9 year old tabby and Mt. Diablo Medical Center's August Pet of the Month!  Normally I am in stealth mode when I photography a kitty.  Normally stealth mode fails!  With Aiden, I might as well have been photographing a dog!  I set up in one of the Vet's exam rooms (a sure cause of panic in most pets!) and in came Aiden.  Made himself comfy on the cozy cloth background and just worked it.  Never a sign of stress.  When he was recently hospitalized for an extended treatment his calm and loving demeanor was always present.  Sometimes I just want to bundle up these pets and sneak them home; can you see why??