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What a sweetie pie! Riley is just approaching his 4 month birthday and I had the totally fun afternoon photographing him! What a ham and so sweet. Can't wait to watch him grow up!

To get a pup's attention, I have used squeakers, horns, whistles, toys and more - but these two beauties ALWAYS perked their adorable heads when Mom or Dad asked if they wanted to go to the factory.  Turns out visiting and having the run of Dad's drapery factory every two weeks is just about the funnest thing imaginable!  I think taking their pictures IS the funnest thing imaginable!

Next to the word 'energy' in Wikipedia is a picture of Charlie, this handsome Brittany Spaniel. He runs and runs and runs.....and then snoozes....and runs some more! Notice that Garmin Tracker?  That's so Mom can find him with her iPhone if he wanders off too far!  

I have known this sweet guy for over 14 years.  He was my own Golden Retriever Sunny's  best friend until we lost her two years ago.  Middy did not have much time left so I photographed him doing the things he loved best - playing at the dog park and snoozing.  Even with his aches and pains, he was loving and happy until the very end.  Farewell old boy - I don't think I have ever known a more loyal or loving dog.