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Meet Mila and Maisie - the sweetest lab and beagle you could meet!  Both loved posing for pictures and Mom looks fantastic!  Don't you agree??

Takota came from the Nestle/Purina kennels with a bloodline of champions. His name means "friend to everyone" and he certainly lives up to this name as he loves to give kisses and took exactly ZERO time to warm up to me!  He's a real ham in front of a camera.  In 2006, he survived a severe rattlesnake bite and fought for his life and won against the odds. It was my honor to meet this loving and happy gentleman!

I took these images as part of an 'employees and their pets' project for Central Garden and Pet's annual report.  Could not have asked for two cuter or nicer models!  It is bittersweet looking at them now, as Linda had to let Charlie go after a long and very happy life.    

Ice covered grass could not stop Molly, the amazingly athletic labrador retriever, from catching this frisbee - and she proudly brought it back every time!  What a cutie and so sweet too.

I had the pleasure of photographing Mary-Lou and her two lovely dogs - Ohana and Makena.  Once they warmed up to the new situation, they loved the limelight!  Next up was Kildine with handsome Dakota.  Dakota was such a  charmer - totally unflappable and photogenic!  Kildine and Dakota were chosen from many possibilities to 'star' on the cover of the annual report.

He is the  cutest, smartest, happiest land shark -- I mean Beauceron Puppy you have ever met!  He already adores his owner mom, Bonnie of Dog Dynamics.  And I adore him! Looking forward to capturing lots of pictures of him growing up.  

Meet cousins Quill and Jet!  These two beautiful labrador retrievers are cousins and about 4 years apart.  Being owned by a wonderful dog trainer - Bonnie of Dog Dynamics and her daughter Morgan, meant that the dogs held any position for as long as needed!  Sure made my job easy!  Aren't they beautiful?  Ok, the goofy one with Jet's tongue out might not be beautiful, but it sure is cute!  

Meet My Pups!


You will see lots of my pups - Jack and Julie!  They are 18 month old golden retrievers and pretty much will do anything for treats, including posing!  Julie is already a certified therapy dog and Jack is well on his way.  Therapy Dog work was one of the inspirations for the name "Share the Joy."  Sometimes there is nothing like a hairy hug to make you feel better!    

Welcome to my brand-spankin' new blog!  I am very excited to share my photography and pet adventures with you. Watch for joyful and fun photos and many tips on pet photography and going green.  I will also be sharing my own special therapy dog adventures with you. I am so lucky to be able to spend my time photographing our beloved pets and sharing the joy of hairy dog hugs with those who need them most!